Sold* – 82749 Grouse Lane, Burwell, Nebraska Featured

Sold* – 82749 Grouse Lane, Burwell, Nebraska

Property: 2019376

List Price: $114,000.00

Real Estate Taxes: 2018 - $945.60

Contact: Rick Foxworthy - 402.760.1100

Legal Description: Lots 1 & 2, Block 4 Krause’s 2nd Addition to Calamus County Acres, Garfield County, Nebraska.

Location/Description: Located a short 5 miles from Burwell by the Calamus Golf Course. From Burwell you take the Dam Road west out of town for 4 miles and turning right onto 464th Avenue for less than 1 mile. Turning left on Grouse Lane with subject property located on the south side of the road marked by a Cabin Realty & Ag Services sign. Click Here.

Comments: This lake property is located on 1.05 acres of the luxurious Calamus Country Acres adjacent to Calamus Golf Course. If you are looking to store your boat, plug in campers, put up guests, or entertain in your yard you can find it all right here. Addition to the 3 bedrooms offered in the house, a bunk house offers sleeping space and privacy for your guests. Start enjoying the Calamus lifestyle with your family and friends. Let us show you the POSSIBILITIES!

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