Lot 328 Marina North Cove, Sherman Lake, Nebraska Featured

Lot 328 Marina North Cove, Sherman Lake, Nebraska

Property: 2019373

List Price: $114,900.00

Real Estate Taxes: 2018 - $693.28

Contact: Christy Underwood 402.669.6149

Legal Description: Lot 328, located on the Marina side of Sherman Reservoir, Sherman County, Nebraska. Click Here.

Comments: This home offers a 2 car detached garage, large spacious yard, front door area deck space and back yard deck to walk out and enjoy the wonderful outdoor life... a master bedroom with walk in closet and master bathroom with jacuzzi tub and shower and additional bedroom and bathroom. Large living area space and spacious kitchen/dining area. Washer, dryer and appliances accompany this property and could offer a great year round residence or seasonal option. The private cabin lease with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is available upon request.

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