Lot 36, Hilltop Drive, Sherman Reservoir, Nebraska Featured

Lot 36, Hilltop Drive, Sherman Reservoir, Nebraska

Property: 2018365

List Price: $275,000

Real Estate Taxes: 2018 - $1,054.24

Contact: Christy Underwood 402.669.6149

Legal Description: Lot #36, Hilltop Drive, situated in Section 27, Township 16 North, Range 14 West of the 6th P.M., Sherman Reservoir, Sherman County, Nebraska. Click Here.

Comments: This cozy cabin is at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac with amazing views. The property offers a two bedroom fully furnished home with a detached two car garage. The private cabin lease with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is available upon request. Spring can not come soon enough to fish, boat and enjoy this property at its finest. Give Christy a call to take in the amazing views!

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